u̯okso- (*su̯okso-)

u̯okso- (*su̯okso-)
    u̯okso- (*su̯okso-)
    English meaning: wax
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “Wachs”
    Material: O.H.G. O.S. wahs, O.E. weax, O.Ice. vax n. “Wachs”; Lith. vãškas, Ltv. vasks ds.; R.C.S. (etc.)voskъ ds.; to *u̯eg- “to weave”, as O.H.G. waba “honeycomb” to *u̯ebh- “to weave”, s. Törnquist, Studia Neophilol. 17, 99 f.
    References: WP. I 315, Trautmann 343, Vasmer 1, 231.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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